Design and print exclusive 2020 New Year calendars

Thiết kế và in lịch độc quyền

Meaning of design and exclusive printing of Tet calendar

Every Tet holiday comes every year, giving calendars to partners, customers and relatives seems to have become an indispensable practice for Vietnamese businesses. The choice of exclusive Tet design and printing helps businesses express their own brand personality. As well as making the givers feel impressed, appreciated and excited.

 Like a designer outfit and market products. The Lunar New Year Calendar is printed and exclusively designed to help businesses convey their brand value, business mission and message. A calendar that represents your brand, bringing the message of the business to the recipient 365 days a year.

 From an aesthetic perspective, the design and printing of the exclusive 2020 calendar calendar as an exquisite work of art convey the message of the business. Created by the research process, understanding the corporate culture, understanding the national culture. With an unlimited creative mind in image, color and design language.

Exclusive calendar design and print easily impress customers
Exclusive calendar design and print easily impress customers

 Cherish the gift you give by elaborate design, subtlety in words. It is also a way for the recipient to remember and respect the gift of the business.

Advantages of designing and printing an exclusive New Year calendar

 The disadvantage is that the cost will be higher when printing pre-printed calendars, but the things that the unique Tet calendar design brings are worth the money of the business:

 Ensure originality, creativity in ideas and satisfy the needs in design. Exclusive calendar design and printing help businesses convey all the messages they want in a clever and harmonious way.

Exclusive design desk calendar 2020 - Vietnam Railway
Exclusive design desk calendar 2020 – Vietnam Railway

With a wide range of options, businesses can depend on their financial situation and goals to make appropriate designs and requirements.

 Create sympathy and impress customers with the image of the brand.

Types of calendars you can use to design exclusive New Year calendars

Depending on customers and economic conditions as well as the purpose of the calendar so that you can choose for yourself the appropriate calendar.

2020 Calendar

Block Calendar

 Luxury and high-end designs with options from a few dozen to several hundred or more expensive Suitable for donation, gift partners or important customers.

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Desk calendar

 The type of calendar most businesses use to design exclusive prints. Including the schedule of letters A, schedules of M, letters A with notes, letters M with notes. Prices range from a few dozen, suitable for office workers, customers and partners.

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desktop calendar 2020
Wall calendar with large photo sizes

Wall calendar

Includes calendar types: 1, 3, 5, 7, 13 sheets. Costs range from a few thousand to a few tens of thousands, depending on the design and printing requirements, the most popular type of calendar is the 7-wall design calendar. suitable for donating relatives and workers.

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Things you need to keep in mind to have a beautiful and unique Tet calendar design

Content, ideas of the calendar

 Depending on the purpose as well as the message that businesses want to convey through the calendar to be able to give an appropriate idea. If you want to communicate about your company’s products and services, you can upload an image of your business’s products and services. If you want to do brand communication, you can put your business contributions and accomplishments….

 Write down your purpose, then offer it to talk to the creative department, designer, or consultants. They will give you lots of ideas so you can sum up and make a final decision.

 Pay attention to creativity, do not narrow your thinking, avoid repeating the use of a calendar for many years will cause many inhibitions for the recipient and counterproductive as well as the intention of the business.

Exclusive calendar design category

 As I analyzed above, depending on the financial situation and the purpose of business choose the type of calendar that best suits you.

Photos on the calendar

 Should choose their own photos or copyrighted images, avoid the case of being penalized because the copyright image makes it difficult for businesses. Photos should have high resolution for printing: when printed, it will be sharper and more realistic.

Image quality is important in the design and exclusive calendar printing
Image quality is important in the design and exclusive calendar printing

Advertising – messages used in exclusive calendar design and printing

 Businesses should not place emphasis on advertising on the calendar, communicate smartly and subtly to avoid offensive to the recipient. You will probably only look at the calendar you gave, but the recipient will look at it for the remaining 365 days. You absolutely can skillfully add sayings, quotations and meanings. Depending on the intended audience, you can choose the appropriate sentences. When they receive spiritual value from you, they will miss you and love your brand more than any physical value.

Exclusive design size and calendar printing

 When printing exclusive design calendars you can absolutely come up with any size you want. But you know what? If you want to save more, pay attention to the advice of the consultants for you.

 The calendar, like any other product, is cut out from basic paper sizes, the standard size to make full use of that paper size. So when designing an exclusive calendar using standard size will save you quite a lot of cost.

Colors when designing and printing calendars

 The overall color of the calendar should be harmonious, try to choose the main color matching the brand identity. This will make it easy to impress and increase brand awareness.

When designing and printing an exclusive calendar the colors should be in harmony
When designing and printing an exclusive calendar the colors should be in harmony

Select design units and print a prestigious calendar

 Choosing a reputable and quality calendar design and printing unit will help you a lot in creating unique and impressive Tet calendar designs. They will offer advice to save costs as well as complete the perfect calendar print design.

 The printing industry has a special high design requirement, the approved calendar file will be printed in batch without being edited, so it’s important to check the final design. Small details require a meticulous and experienced person. Huy Nguyen (Designer In Gleap Group) shared each process and discovered very small but important errors such as font errors, missing accents, safe spacing, margins, colors or layout.

The design is checking the file and the maket
The design is checking the file and the maket

 In AUGROUP team has spent 9 Tet seasons with partners and customers, we always put our responsibility in every detail of our customers’ products.

 Entering the Lunar New Year 2020 printing season, the AUGROUP Team has already prepared resources and labor to meet the year-end high requirements. With many attractive policies and incentives, we hope to accompany our customers in the 2020 calendar season and look forward to becoming a bridge to bring your brand further and sustainable development.

Source of raw materials ready for the 2020 calendar printing
Source of raw materials ready for the 2020 calendar printing

Design and print New Year calendar at AUGROUP with many policies and incentives

Willingness to be responsible for the product: As a long-standing unit in the field of printing, we understand your concerns about product quality. Before starting to print in large quantities, you will have your prototype approved for testing until you are satisfied. All defective print products will be reprinted, and any delay in delivery process we memor all responsibility and compensation for damage.

Print samples until customers are satisfied
Print samples until customers are satisfied

 Fast printing in any quantity: With the system of many large print shops, we can meet from small quantities to large numbers in the fastest time.

 Professional printing service, wholeheartedly for customers: Come to the desktop calendar printing service AUGROUP, you will be always dedicated by the consulting staff for customers. We are not just a quote, we always offer solutions and plans to help you get the product you want with the desired price.

 Promotion with orders over 1 million: Free delivery in the city with orders over 1 million.

Check out some exclusive 2020 calendar designs at AUGROUP Team

Design schedule 2020 Print Group - Vietnam Railway
Design schedule 2020 AUGROUP – Vietnam Railway

Design calendar Group Print - animals
Design calendar AUGROUP – animals

Design Calendar Team in 2020 - Champions of Europe
Design Calendar Team in 2020 – Champions of Europe

Calendar sample for Tet holiday 2020 NI Gates is there
Calendar sample for Tet holiday 2020 NI Gates is there


Call the hotline: 0905 619 168 or leave information we will contact you shortly.

You can also come to our office directly at: 61, Ngu Nhu Kon Tum, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

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