Nhận in kẹp file các loại


The file folder is a handy and very popular stationery. The file clip is used in schools, offices, and businesses. File folder make document storage easier, and organize documents in a scientific and systematic way. 

Each file folder can be thought of as a folder on your computer, and documents in the same file folder usually have a certain commonality in the content. 

For the students and students, file folder is an indispensable part, it can help you express your own personality. As for offices and businesses, on each file folder, there is usually a logo and name of the business to create its own highlight. Especially, at each event, meeting, each file folder helps the organizer to assert its brand.

At AUGROUP, we provide professional file folder printing services. AUGROUP  always tries to meet all the requirements of customers. With the goal, each publication reaches the customers’ hands is the most complete products, making customers satisfied.

1. Dimension

File folder – as with other printing products, customers can order them in any desired size. However, the most common and common size of the file folder is the medium size for holding A4 documents, measuring: 220 x 310 x 70 mm. There are two types of file clips: the ear clip and the nape box clip. With the nape box clamp, the size of the box is about 6 mm wide.

kích thước in kẹp file
Popular file folder sizes

2. Material

A file folder must ensure certain rigidity. Therefore, the paper commonly used to print file folder  is commonly Pindo couches or Briston paper. Unlike normal couches paper with only one surface is coated with kaolin, but Briston paper is coated on both sides, very suitable for printing images on both surfaces, making printing images bright and sharp. Of course, Couches paper can also be used to print, the cost when printing will be much cheaper. 

Another paper commonly used for printing is Ivory, which is suitable for single-sided printing designs, because this paper has 1 glossy surface and 1 rough surface. The file folder plate will add a premium quality when printed on art paper. This paper will give the best picture and of course the price is also slightly higher than other materials.

kẹp file giấy thường
Kẹp file giấy thường
kẹp file giấy mĩ thuật
Kẹp file giấy mỹ thuật

3. Printing technology

File folder is printed in full 4 colors with modern machinery from Japan, with Offset printing technology – the latest printing technology in Vietnam today. This printing technology will provide customers with standard products per millimeter. 

Depending on the number of customers ordered, the Printing Team can advise customers on laser printing technology – with a small number of file clips to print, the price will be cheaper but the quality is still guaranteed.

kẹp file in 1 màu
File folder in 1 color printing
kẹp file in 2 màu
File folder in 2 colors printing
kẹp file in 3 màu
File folder in 3 colors printing
kẹp file in 4 màu
File folder in 4 colors printing
kẹp file in 1 mặt
File folder in 1 side printing
kẹp file in 2 mặt
File folder in 2 sides printing


The typical machining technique of the file folder is to make the clip, which can be either one-sided or two-sided clip. The ear shape can be rectangular, basic triangle, or special shapes according to customer requirements. In addition, the popular machining techniques on printing products such as gloss/matte laminating, stamping, embossing/debossing are also widely applied. These techniques make the logo, image on the clipboard stand out

kẹp file cán bóng
Gloss laminated file folder
kẹp file cán mờ
Matte laminated file folder
kẹp file dây cố định
Fixed wire file folder
kẹp file ép kim bạc
Silver mental embossing file folder
kẹp file ép kim vàng
Golden mental embossing file folder
kẹp file tai cài 1 bên
1 ear side file folder
kẹp file tai cài 2 bên
2 ears side file folder
kẹp file tai cài đặt biệt
Special ear file folder


The file clamp quotation request sheet is continuously updated by AUGROUP and is always publicized. Follow the pricing instructions below, customers can refer to the estimated price before deciding to order printing.


Note:  In order to get the best quote with many incentives, please contact the AUGROUP by filling in the quotation request form,  in addition you can call  hotline  (+84)905 619 168 , or send inquiry request to mail: or  chat directly  on the website 



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