Printing technology:  Industrial offset printing, 01 – 04 colors

Paper material:  Carbon paper, Bai Bang …

Size: Various sizes A5, A4, B5 …

Processing: Serrated, staple, jump number stamping, …


  • Commitment to reprint invoice products, receipts if wrong.
  • Commitment to quality, product warranty, invoices and receipts. 
  • Print invoice and receipt colors for free until you are satisfied.
  • Advice on choosing invoices, free receipts.
  • Free shipping within Hanoi city with invoices, receipts over 1 million.


Invoice is a printing product used a lot in the payment process, it makes the payment process more transparent, clear and fast. In addition, an invoice is also an indispensable document in accounting.

In the past, only companies and businesses used invoices when selling products, nowadays, the demand for using retail invoices of stores is increasing. With a large number of customers, many types of goods, invoices are a useful tool to control goods. 

In order to meet the needs of customers to order invoice printing, the Print Team provides standard invoice printing service, meeting the requirements of customers.

Các mẫu hóa đơn được sử dụng phổ biến
Received printed invoices in Hanoi


Các loại giấy tờ cần chuẩn bị khi đặt in hóa đơn

AUGROUP accepts to order types of invoices. For VAT invoices, customers need to prepare a number of documents such as: a copy of the business registration certificate, the tax code registration form, … When contacting the Print Team, we will advise you in detail. , to comply with regulations, clearly and quickly.

The invoice template

Invoices have many different models, but to ensure the correct function, in general the invoice templates are quite similar in content. The indispensable items of an invoice such as: name of establishment, customer information, transaction date and time, quantity, item, unit price, … 

An invoice can be 2 or 3 copies, depending on the needs of the invoice user.

Bill Size

The sizes of invoices are quite diverse, maybe a4, a5, a6 … With these common sizes, there are already paper sizes so the invoice printing will be faster. 

Customers can freely choose other sizes according to their needs and preferences. 

With the types of invoices that must be printed according to the regulations on the size of the Ministry of Finance, the staff will carefully advise customers.

Material paper bill

Carbonless is the most used paper when printing invoices. Thanks to a chemical coating on the paper surface, the contents of the previous page can be copied to the next page without the need for carbon paper. 

Carbonless paper is also divided into many types with different prices, choosing the right paper depending on the needs and purposes of customers. 

In addition, Ford paper is also a paper you can keep in mind when choosing to print invoices

Printing technology

AUGROUP is using 2 latest printing technologies in Vietnam: Offset Printing and Laser Printing. 

Both these 2 printing technologies can print 4 colors and produce products with very good print quality. For small sales establishments that need to print invoices in small quantities, they should choose laser printing technology, which will save a lot of costs, and can print invoices immediately. For businesses and chain stores wishing to print large quantities of invoices, Offset technology with modern machinery from Japan is most suitable.


Invoices after printing are usually bound. Normally, the bill will be bound by stapling, sticking with tape – both fast and cheap. Some other units also perform the serrated technique. This technique will make it easier and more professional to tear invoices when giving them to shoppers.


The detailed invoice printing price list is continuously updated by the AUGROUP, helping customers have an overall view before deciding to order printing. Please follow the instructions to get the nearest possible price estimate.

Please contact AUGROUP at hotline: (+84)905 619 168 , send your request via email  or order directly at the AUGROUP Office at:  61 Ngu Nhu Kon Tum, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan Hanoi, Vietnam to receive the most preferential quotes. 

AUGROUP is committed to best quality products to customers


Customers can refer to a number of models designed and manufactured by the AUGROUP, to meet all different needs:

Các mẫu hóa đơn khổ ngang
Horizontal invoice templates
Kích thước chuẩn của sổ hóa đơn
Standard size of invoice book
Thiết kế hóa đơn ấn tượng
Impressive invoice design
Các mẫu hóa đơn đẹp mắt
Beautiful invoice templates




Giấy phiếu thu khổ ngang chuẩn
Standard horizontal size receipt
In hóa đơn nhanh chóng, lấy ngay
Print invoices quickly, get them right away
In phiêu thu, phiếu chi chất lượng
Print income, quality payment slip
In phiếu giao hàng
Print the delivery slip
Mẫu hóa đơn bán hàng dễ thương
Cute sales invoice template
Mẫu hóa đơn của nhà hàng
Restaurant invoice form
Thiết kế hóa đơn theo chuẩn
Design standard invoices
Xưởng in phiếu chi, phiếu thu Hà Nội
Print the pink check
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