Printing technology:  Industrial offset printing

Chất liệu giấy: Couche, Bristol, Metalize bồi carton

Kích thước: Lịch bloc đại, cực đại, siêu đại… 

Processing: Needle press, 3D embossing, …


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  • Commitment to quality, product warranty. 
  • Print free color samples until you are satisfied.
  • Free design consultation.
  • Free shipping within Hanoi with orders over 1 million VND.
Mẫu lịch bloc ấn tượng


Block calendar is one of the most commonly used calendars in Vietnam. This is a calendar of 365 – 366 sheets, representing the number of days in a year, packed into one volume. There is usually a section on each calendar with the date of the solar calendar and lunar calendar.

This is a scientific way to follow,  easy to follow,  and easy to remember. In agencies, unions, or in every family, it is indispensable to have a calendar calendar. Moreover, the bloc calendar is a New Year gift that businesses often send to their employees, partners, customers, … 

The block calendar has many Greek words, not only helps users keep track of the date, but also brings the message: “every passing day cannot be recovered”, the feeling when tearing yesterday’s calendar to start a new day, will give you the motivation to create a meaningful day.

Các mẫu lịch bloc phổ biến
Popular block calendar templates



Below is the SPECIFIC PRICE LIST of block calendar printing products and services. Customers can estimate prices depending on the quantity.

Please contact AUGROUP at hotline: (+84)905 619 168 , send your request via email  or order directly at the AUGROUP Office at: 61 Ngu Nhu Kon Tum, Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan Hanoi  ( View map ) to receive the most preferential quotes.


+, The bloc calendar has many types of sizes, but in order to print the bloc calendar, each size needs a separate blank. In addition, the size of the calendar block also affects the size of the calendar. 

+, Because the large and super sized bloc calendars are often less customers ordered to print, so the Print Team has available a number of billets according to popular calendar sizes for customers to choose to help save costs. 

+, For customers who order large calendars, the Print Team will give detailed advice to help customers choose the best printing order.

+, The calendar is a familiar publication, so the overall design of the calendar is quite similar. 

+, With the meaning of symbolizing a new year, bloc calendars often have red covers, with many patterns that can be traditional, or modern to create accents. The internal calendars, in addition to the date information, also have pictures, symbols or good and meaningful words. 

+, However, depending on customers’ preferences, the calendar can have separate colors and unique designs.

+, Like the common printing products, the paper commonly used in bloc calendar printing is the couches matt paper, with the kaolin coated surface to help the images, numbers when printed on are bright and sharp. . 

+, Another part of the bloc calendar is the khanh hang. This section is usually printed with metalize paper, and backing the inner carton, creating the required thickness and rigidity of the suspension wheel.

+, Offset printing technology by Japanese modern machine line system is used when printing Bloc calendar. This is the technology that matches the characteristics of the Bloc calendar: usually with images, printing in full 4 colors. 

+, The calendar is printed by UV printing technology on metalize film.

+, Bloc Calendar after printing is undergone machining stages. The first is binding, usually the nape technique. The cover of the calendar is usually glossy or matte, providing better protection. 

+, Another commonly used technique is the technique of foil molding on the outside of the cover, to create a highlight on the calendar. The techniques of embossing and sinking are also often applied. 

+, The part of the calendar hanging calendar is also processed with the above techniques. Presently, hanging bars are usually produced first, when customers order printing, they will print more logos, then foil, stamped or embossed to create their own mark. This also helps to reduce printing time, providing the fastest possible service.


mẫu catalogue MTV 2020

Sample catalog MTV 2020

Mẫu lịch Bloc AUGROUP Gleap 2020 - 012

Sample catalog BS 2020

Mẫu lịch Bloc AUGROUP Gleap 2020 - 01

Catalog of Group Print 2020


Here are some popular bloc calendar templates chosen by many customers:

Mẫu lịch bloc độc đáo
Unique block calendar template
Chuyên in lịch bloc đẹp
Specializing in printing beautiful block calendars
Dáng lịch bloc cuốn hút
Template calendar block word Phuc
In lịch bloc đẹp
Print beautiful block calendar
In ấn phẩm lịch bloc
Publication of bloc calendar with Loc lettering
In lịch bloc giá rẻ
Print cheap block calendar
Lịch bloc bắt mắt
Eye-catching block calendar
Lịch bloc khổ dọc chuẩn
Calendar block standard vertical format
Lịch bloc Lục Vân Tiên
Calendar block Luc Van Tien
Lịch bloc với hoa văn độc đáo
Calendar block with unique pattern
Mẫu lịch bloc chuẩn hóa
Standardized block calendar template
Mẫu lịch bloc tiêu chuẩn
Standardized block calendar template
Mẫu thiết kế lịch bloc
Template for block calendar design
Thiết kế lịch bloc ấn tượng
Impressive block calendar design




In lịch bloc đẹp mắt
Print beautiful block calendar
Ấn phẩm lịch bloc
Ấn phẩm lịch blocPublication calendar block
Các mẫu lịch bloc đẹp
Beautiful block calendar templates
In lịch bloc tiêu chuẩn
Catalog printing clean energy equipment
Kích thước lịch bloc chuẩn
Standard block calendar template
Kiểu dáng lịch bloc công ty An Thịnh
Calendar block design company An Thinh
Lịch bloc công ty kiến trúc sư
Calendar block architect company
Lịch bloc khổ bé
Small block calendars
Mẫu lịch bloc khổ lớn
Large format block calendar template
Mẫu lịch bloc khổ nhỏ
Impressive block calendar template
Nhận in lịch bloc giá rẻ
Get cheap block calendar printing
Thiết kế ấn phẩm lịch bloc đẹp
Design beautiful block calendar publications
Thiết kế dáng lịch bloc chuẩn
Design standard block calendar design
Thiết kế lịch bloc đẹp
Beautiful block calendar design
Thiết kế lịch bloc sáng tạo
Creative block calendar design
Xưởng in lịch bloc uy tín
Prestigious block calendar printing factory
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Thiết kế và in lịch độc quyền

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