Printing technology: laser printing, industrial offset printing, 01-04 color

Paper material: Couches, Couches pindo, Ivory , Fine Arts, …

Size: Mostly A4, 1 or 2 ears

Machining: Lamination, laminating, UV coating , …


  • Commit to reprint the file if it fails.
  • Commitment to quality, warranty for file clamping products.
  • Test print color clip file for free to satisfied customers.
  • Free clip file advice, no difference in invoice.
  • Order prints in all cities, free shipping in Hanoi city with orders clamped on file 1 million dong.
in kẹp file tài liệu


Your business is trying to promote your image and convey your message. Is there any optimal and most economical method? So folder printing is one of the best solutions that can solve this problem.

Kep file thường ngộ nghĩnh, đáng yêu
Folder is often funny and lovely


Currently the price list in the market is limited because it has just given some information and has not been updated timely. But with the quotation in AUGROUP completely different. This is a detailed and accurate quotation, which is updated by AUGROUP as timely as possible so that customers will not spend much time in the process of consulting prices.


(Note: AUGROUP has special offer on printing price for clip file. If you are interested in price, please contact us at hotline: 0905 619 168, send request via email or chat directly with the consultant team on the website).


As the name implies, file clamps, or folders, have the main function of holding documents such as contracts and important papers. Although the task is relatively simple, it contains very subtle meanings:

+, Clip files easily impress by scientific and professionalism in every small detail.

+, Regarding the form, file clamp containing important information about the business: Name, address, contact method.

+, Clip file is one of the communication methods “both cheap and effective”, helping to save costs of businesses. With important papers such as a contract, it increases the likelihood of success because of the solemnity that the file clip brings, thereby attracting investors.

We can say clip file is such as “small but have martial”, is a small detail but extremely significant effect.


Actually there will be 4 types of file clamps most commonly used today:


+ Vector folder: They are most appreciated among 4 file clamping categories because besides the purpose of storing documents, they can be flexibly used for marketing and advertising purposes. Brands that often invest in their products often use this cheap form of file clip printing to promote and convey business information to customers.


Retracting nape folder: This product has the form of a plastic cover design with a clip that can be withdrawn and attached easily. They are often used within the office mainly.


Claws folder: Used in the case of storing papers in large quantities and used to classify documents for office archives.


Signing folder: This product has a good quality of use but also encapsulated in an office environment that is difficult to bring out marketing business. The reason is because of their relatively high price as well as inappropriate size and weigh

in kẹp file giá rẻ



+, Pindo couches (Briston) are mainly used for paper: Consist of two identical glossy surfaces. Regular couches will save you money.

+, Ivory Paper: Includes 1 glossy surface and 1 sandpaper, suitable for clip files only on the outside.

+, Fine art paper: Really different from normal paper, showing the superior and more luxurious.


The products are manufactured by extremely modern process with the main techniques such as: Printing 01 – 04 colors, printing emulsion ink, printing on the ground, not printing on the background, glossy lamination, matte lamination, etc. Many other printing techniques will ensure durability, beautiful color, and high aesthetics for document file clamps. Different technology costs will also vary.



File clip is printed by laser printing technology or 4-color offset printing of Japan to help products with brighter colors and better quality. With a small number of file clamps, the cost of laser printing technology will save you the most cost, but with large quantities, offset printing is the first choice technology with significantly reduced printing costs. In addition laser printing technology will give the fastest production time. You can receive the product on the same day.

+, Clip file can be processed with 1 ear on the ear or 2 ears installed, in the ear usually holds 2 slots to clip visit card.

+, In some cases, customers want to make ear implants with special shape so the height of ear is higher than 70 mm, so the price also changes because of changing printing paper size.

+, In addition, customers can use additional methods of pressing gold and silver, embossed, embossed, UV coated to create accents and increase the luxury.


AUGROUP – QUALITY FACILITY PRINCIPING FOLDER PRINTING SERVICES IN HA NOI always wishes to provide customers with satisfaction about the experiences at our company:



Here are some sample clip printing designs designed and produced by AUGROUP that customers can refer to:

Kẹp file Đại Việt Land
Dai Viet Land Folder
Kẹp file hội liên hiệp thanh niên Việt Nam
Folder of the Vietnam Youth Union
Mẫu kẹp file Haruka
Haruka Folder
Ấn phẩm kẹp file
Sample folder of CICI Construction Joint Stock Company
In kẹp file thường nhanh chóng, lấy ngay
Sample folder for TAR document file
In kẹp file uy tín, chuyên nghiệp
Prestigious and professional file folder printing template
Kẹp file bắt mắt, thu hút
Sample file folder eye-catching, attractive
Kẹp file cao cấp
JBC premium file folder template
Kẹp file dễ thu hút sự chú ý
SamSung's beautiful file folder
In kẹp file CMC TELECOM
Sample folder of CMC TELECOM
Nhận in kẹp file tài liệu Bình Minh
Receive folder printing of Binh Minh documents
Mẫu in kẹp file bắt mẳt
Sample folder catches the eye
Mẫu in kẹp file của Foody
Sample file folder of Foody
Mẫu kẹp file điển hình
Typical file folder template
Mẫu kẹp file tai cài 1 bên
Sample folder ear installed 1 side
Nhận in kẹp file theo yêu cầu
EVN NPT file folder


If you are in need of ordering a large number of file – folder prints, please contact us immediately to get an attractive price.

+, As a unit with many years of experience in the field of printing service business today, AUGROUP has a professional business system with the strength of industrial offset printing. Besides, the company’s service price is always balanced at a level that suits customers’ pockets so it is trusted by many partners.

+, With 3 business philosophies: Fairness, Transparency and Responsibility, AUGROUP always makes every effort to accompany customers on the road to success. If you are interested in printing services, please contact the AUGROUP.


In mẫu kẹp file thường giá rẻ
Print samples of cheap Vitafood regular folder
Kẹp file thường chuẩn
Regular folder of Venus Valuation JSC
Mẫu kẹp file tài liệu tuyển sinh
Sample document enrollment folder
Kiểu dáng kẹp file sang trọng
Luxury folder template
Mẫu kẹp file ấn tượng
An impressive folder template
Mẫu kẹp file lịch sự, sang trọng
Sample folder courtesy, elegance
Mẫu kẹp file nổi bật
Mẫu kẹp file thông dụng
Common folder template
Mẫu kẹp file tài liệu phổ biến
Sample folder common type
Nhận in kẹp file thường toàn quốc
Sample folder nationwide
Thiết kế kẹp file cao cấp
Advanced folder design
Thiết kế kẹp file độc đáo
Unique folder design
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