Print technology: Offset or lazer, 01 – 04 colors

Paper materials:  Couche , Fine Arts, Simili Leather …

Size: Depending on customer needs, … 

Processing: Plastic rolling, pressing, embossing, stamping, ..


  • Commit to reprint the menu product if there is an error.
  • Commitment to quality, product warranty menu. 
  • Try out the free menu color until you are satisfied.
  • Advice on choosing free menu.
  • Free shipping in Hanoi city with menu order over 1 million dong.


The menu or menu is the tool for communication between restaurants, cafes and customers. Menu is introduction, advice on food, drinks, services in the restaurant. The menu first appeared in Western restaurants, but is now very popular, from popular restaurants to luxury restaurants using menus. Along with the layout of space, the way of service, Menu also contributes to show the cuisine style of the restaurant. 

Further, not only in the food industry, some service providers also use the Menu.

in menu tại hà nội
Print menu in Hanoi


The menu’s role is to introduce products, attract and guide customer behavior. Therefore, menu design must ensure the following criteria:

In particular, the main dishes should be highlighted on the menu.

Materials for menu printing are very diverse, of which the most used is couches. Moreover, couches are coated with a layer of kaolin for a glossy surface and the printed images are clear and crisp, meeting the basic characteristics of the menu. In addition, offset is also a commonly used paper for menu printing. However, this paper is only suitable for high volume printing by offset printing technology. When printing in small quantities with laser technology, the color of the finished product is not clear.

Printing technology at of AUGROUP

AUGROUP is applying 2 common 4-color printing technologies: Offset printing and Laser printing. In simple terms, offset printing using Japanese modern machinery lines, printing in bulk. And laser is suitable for small quantity orders, which helps reduce printing costs.

Các kĩ thuật gia công riêng biệt của menu

To increase the luxury and help preserve the menu better, after printing the menu often undergoes a number of processing steps such as laminating, binding, embossing, stamping, foil stamping, binding, …. 

The embossed, embossed or imprinted logo, restaurant name is the way to create the elegance, and highlight of the menu. Moreover, it also shows the brand value of the restaurant. 

For some high-end restaurants, menu covers are indispensable, mostly leather covers. This makes the menu more advanced, also shows respect for customers, and helps preserve the menu better. 

Conventional menus will be rolled with a layer of film, which can be translucent or clickable according to the design, both increasing the elegance and helping preserve the menu.


In order to make it easier for you to consult and compare prices, AUGROUP publicly publishes a detailed quotation for menu making service. Please follow the instructions to get the most accurate estimated price. If there are any difficulties during use, AUGROUP will provide dedicated support.

Commitment to quality from AUGROUP


Each restaurant has its own menu template. The menu is also designed with a variety of sizes depending on the preferences of the restaurant owner. Below, AUGROUP would like to introduce some popular menu designs:

Giấy thực đơn được sử dụng phổ biến
Menu paper is commonly used
In menu đơn giản, sáng tạo
Print simple and creative menu
In thực đơn theo nhu cầu của khách hàng
Print the menu PIZZA & BAR according to the needs of customers
Kiểu dáng menu sang trọng, cổ điển
Luxurious menu style, classic
Mẫu menu đồ ăn pizza
Pizza menu template
Mẫu menu đồ uống
Sample menu drinks
Mẫu menu nhà hàng Thái Lan
Template for Thai restaurant menu
Mẫu menu tham khảo
Sample menu food reference
Mẫu thực đơn nhà hàng Pháp
French restaurant menu template
Thiết kế menu cao cấp
Premium menu design
Thiết kế menu chuẩn hóa
Simple menu design
Thực đơn sáng tạo, ấn tượng
Creative menu, impressive
Thực đơn với sắc màu sống động
Menu with vivid colors



Hình ảnh menu điển hình
Typical menu images
In menu theo yêu cầu
Print the menu as required
In menu uy tín, chuyên nghiệp
Print prestigious and professional menus
In thực đơn chuyên nghiệp
Print professional menus
Kích thước menu nhỏ gọn
Compact menu template
Mẫu in thực đơn chuẩn hóa
Drink menu print form
Mẫu menu chân nhựa
Plastic foot menu template
Mẫu menu tiêu biểu
Sandwich menu template
Mẫu thực đơn độc, lạ, sáng tạo
Sample menu City Grille
Mẫu thực đơn sang trọng, cao cấp
Sample luxury menu, high-end
Menu giảm giá
Discount menu template
Mẫu menu bìa da
Template leather cover menu
Thiết kế menu bắt mắt, ấn tượng
Eye-catching menu design, impressive
Thiết kế menu sang trọng
Dining menu design
Thiết kế thực đơn nhà hàng nhã nhặn
Elegant restaurant menu design
Xưởng in menu, thực đơn chất lượng hàng đầu
Folded menu template 3
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