Printing technology:  Industrial offset printing, laser printing, 01 – 04 colors

Paper materials:  Couche , Offset, Fine Arts …

Size: A2, A4, A5, … 

Processing: Plastic rolling, pressing, embossing, stamping, UV coating, ..


  • Commit to reprint the certificate if there’s an error.
  • Commitment to the quality and warranty of certificate products. 
  • Test color certificate free of charge until you are satisfied.
  • Free consultation certificate.
  • Free shipping in Hanoi city with orders of over 1 million VND.


The certificate or  merit is the recognition and recognition of organizations and individuals for their achievements and contributions. The recipient here may be an individual or a collective unit. Especially in the educational environment, certificates of merit and certificates are used a lot and play an important role. The certificate of merit, the certificate of merit is a proof, is a recognition and evaluation for the process of labor, learning and encourages learners to continue trying. 

Certificates of each course can be considered as a basis when assessing the qualifications of the owner of that degree. 

Due to the importance and necessity, the demand for certificates of merit has increased. And rankings a unit that can meet the above needs is very necessary.

In bằng khen độc đáo, lạ mắt
Print unique and fancy merit


Choosing a reliable printing unit to order to print certificates of merit or certificate is very important. AUGROUP with modern machinery system, advanced technology, professional staff is one of the best options for customers. At the Print Group, customers will be provided with diverse and professional printing services.


Bằng khen , giấy khen thường làm bằng chất liệu gì?

Art paper is the most common type of paper used for printing diplomas and certificates. This type of paper is very suitable for formal and high class criteria. Fine art paper is also available in many different categories, AUGROUP will introduce more in-depth articles. AUGROUP will assist customers in selecting the appropriate paper material.

Bằng khen, giấy khen với kích thước tiêu chuẩn

In state administrative units and schools, certificates of merit are often printed in several sizes, such as: a3 and a4. And in other organizations, the size of certificates of merit is more unique, depending on the design. There is no mandatory general rule. Types of certification are usually issued by organizations, issued by size regulations, and must be followed.

Màu sắc thông thường của bằng khen, giấy khen

Due to the solemn nature, usually certificates of merit, certificates often only print one color. However, there are still many models that use 2, 3 or 4 colors. AUGROUP can meet all customer requirements, below are examples of 1-color, or multi-color prints:

Kĩ thuật in màu hiện đại

Currently, with offset and laser printing technology, AUGROUP can meet all customer requirements. If customers order prints in small quantities and need them immediately, AUGROUP will use laser printing technology to save customers money. For large orders, Offset printing technology is more suitable. 

When ordering prints at AUGROUP, customers will receive appropriate technology advice.

Gia công, hoàn thiện sản phẩm sau khi in

With the certificate of merit, certificate of merit after printing, will undergo processing steps to complete, to increase the solemnity of the product. 

With the certificates of merit, certificates, can apply conventional technology such as hot stamping, stamping, embossing … In addition, certificates of merit are often pressed translucent, glossy … to protect. These details will contribute to more clearly respect and acknowledge the achievements and contributions of the recipient. 

Some certificates of merit have been framed and have very elaborate glass frames.


With the detailed price list below, customers can easily calculate the expected cost when ordering print certificates of merit at AUGROUP If you have any questions, please contact the  hotline:  0905 619 168  or send an email request to   we will answer and advise enthusiastically.

Warranty Policy AUGROUP


Here are some pictures of common certificates of merit, certificate, certificate, … that customers can refer to:

Thiết kế bằng khen đẹp giá rẻ
Design beautiful cheap commendation
Mẫu giấy chứng nhận cao cấp, sang trọng
Premium certificate template, luxury
Mẫu giấy khen tặng tập thể
Form of collective commendation certificate
Mẫu bằng khen trao thưởng cá nhân
Sample of awards for personal awards EXPRESS Real Estate Joint Stock Company
In giấy khen chất lượng CRETIFICATE
Print quality certificates of merit
In giấy chứng nhận đẹp
Print beautiful certificate
In giấy chứng chỉ Hội Tin Lành
Print the Protestant Association certificate
In bằng khen Hà Nội
Print certificate of merit in Hanoi
Giấy vinh danh tập thể xuất sắc
Paper honoring excellent collective Hong Ha Real Estate Investment Company Limited Send fee
Giấy khen chứng nhận vinh danh cá nhân
Certificate of personal honor certificate
Mẫu bằng khen Công Ty Cổ Phần Vận Tải Và Thương Mai Tổng Hợp Hà Nội
Samples of Merit Transport Joint Stock Company and Hanoi General Trade



Mẫu bằng khen đẹp mắt
Luxury compliment form
Mẫu chứng chỉ tiêu chuẩn
Standard certificate template
Mẫu giấy khen thưởng
Sample reward certificate
Mẫu văn bằng khổ dọc
Template diploma vertical format
Mẫu giấy khen sang trọng
Luxury compliment form
In bằng khen chuẩn khổ ngang
Print merit horizontal format certificate
In bằng khen theo mẫu phổ biến
Print certificates of merit according to popular patterns
Mẫu bằng khen chứng chỉ
Sample certificate of merit
Bằng khen khổ dọc
Sample merit vertical suffering
Bằng khen khổ ngang
Horizontal certificate of merit
Bằng khen tiêu chuẩn
Standard A4 certificate of merit
Giấy chứng nhận sáng tạo
Creative certificate
Mẫu văn bằng in danh cá nhân
Luxury compliment form
Thiết kế chứng chỉ độc đáo
Print merit horizontal format certificate
Thiết kế chứng nhận ấn tượng
Print certificates of merit according to popular patterns
Thiết kế giấy chứng nhận độc lạ
Sample certificate of merit
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