Printing technology:  industrial offset printing, 01 – 04 colors

Paper material:  Ivory, Duplex , Kraft, Fine Arts, …

Size: Depends on a box of 2, 4, 6 cakes, .. 

Processing: Laminating, laminating, laminating, UV coating, …


  • Commitment to re-manufacture the cake box if the error occurs.
  • Commitment to quality, warranty for bakery products. 
  • Free trial printing of the color of the cake box until satisfied.
  • Free consultation to print the cake box, not write the bill difference.
  • Order printed on all provinces, free shipping within Hanoi city with orders over 1 million VND cake boxes.
in hộp bánh trung thu tại hà nội


Referring to the moon cake, we will also implicitly understand each other that the type of cake that cannot be missing in the gift list is the moon cake. Each moon cake express gratitude, filial piety and the full affection that everyone has for each other. Along with the quality, the form is also attached, that is why printing the moon cake box is very important because it is the face of the product.

hộp 6 bánh trung thu simaz
box of 6 moon cakes Simaz

 Why can’t a moon cake box be limited on August 15th (lunar calendar)?

– Making moon cakes on the important day of the year (August 15), also known as Children’s Day, will create a warm, peaceful and happy feeling for the loved one you give the gift to. 

– Value is not only in the quality of the cake but also in the appearance. Therefore, a beautiful moon cake box also helps businesses express and affirm their brand Sustain over the years. 

– The moon cake box also shows the respect and respect of the person giving the cake and makes an impression on the recipient. 

– It also creates safety for consumers and consumers is completely environmental friendly.

hộp đựng bánh trung thu cao cấp AUGROUP
Sample high-end cake box

 What businesses and individual customers need to pay attention to

You need to know that to get a sample of high-end moon cake box, you need to pay attention to the following: 

– First, businesses need to choose a reputable and reputable cake box printing company to ensure the quality of printed products. 

– Besides, if the business has an idea of ​​a beautiful moon cake box sample, please record it and during working with the design staff, present that idea to them. 

– Enterprises need to define their brand goals including what? Who are the target customers and what are the customer segments? And from there, businesses will easily choose the right type of moon cake box. 

– The remarkable thing is that if the business wants to enhance its position and affirm its brand, make a moon cake box with high quality paper. Because these types of boxes are very suitable for the higher-end moon cake line and help confirm the name of the product business in the market.

bộ sản phẩm bánh trung thu bảo minh
moon cake products Bao Minh


Moon cake box products are a very diverse and unique product line in terms of design and materials. Therefore, to have an exact quotation is not easy. You know that with each quantity, size, material, machining technique, … Only one of the many above parameters changes, the price will change completely. You need to consider carefully when surveying prices. We recommend you to contact reputable printing agencies and fast quotes like AUGROUP to get the most accurate quote. In addition, we will also give appropriate advice on design and printing specifications to advise you on the most cost-effective and most economical way. 

To be able to receive a quote with more preferential treatment, you can contact AUGROUP at hotline number: 0905 619 168 , send your request via email  or order directly at AUGROUP office at address: 61 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum , Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi  ( View map )

 Where to print moon cake box for low price, but quality is suitable?

Moon cake box printing service, or actually cake box making, is currently being strongly developed. Realizing that need, our printing services company would like to provide businesses with the service of making cheap moon cake containers.

hộp bánh trung thu bảo minh
Print a box of moon cakes Bao Minh

Các bạn biết đấy để có thể in bao bì bánh trung thu hay in hộp bánh trung thu giá rẻ là điều không khó song để có thể làm ra sản phẩm vừa có chất lượng cao vừa có giá cả rẻ thì lại là điều không phải công ty in ấn nào cũng làm được. Với kinh nghiệm nhiều năm trên thị trường trong ngành in ấn, công ty của chúng tôi cam kết sẽ mang lại đầy đủ yêu cầu của một đơn vị in ấn chuyên nghiệp mang lại.

bộ sản phẩm bánh trung thu cửa hiệu bánh
printed moon cake box Bakery shop

For moon cake box printing products , we always have a team of highly skilled staff who can design many beautiful box designs for free for every order; Offset printing machine technology has always been invested and continuously improved, … to help maximize the needs of customers.

hộp bánh trung thu handmade
Handmade cake box template

For moon cake box printing products , we always have a team of highly skilled staff who can design many beautiful box designs for free for every order; Offset printing machine technology has always been invested and continuously improved, … to help maximize the needs of customers.

Above are the issues that our company wants to convey to customers so that you can have more choices in designing high quality and high quality moon cake boxes.


Below are some  moon cake boxes  designed by the AUGROUP which are popular with many customers because the quality is always guaranteed and the designs are extremely diverse. 


Sample of 4-cakes Mid-Autumn Cake Box

6-cakes moon cake box model


To have the best moon cake box for your business. Contact the AUGROUP today!


If you put your trust in us, we will not let you down!

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