Printing technology: Industrial offset printing, 04 color covers, 01-04 colors inside pages, 04 colors advertising pages

Paper material: Couches pindo paperboard 300gsm, 80gsm offset intestine, 150gsm couches advertising page.

Size: Popular A5, A6. Some other sizes: A4, B5, B6 …


  • Commit to reprint the manual if errors are made, compensate for damage if delayed
  • Commitment to quality, warranty of notebook products. 
  • Free sample of manual color sample until customers are satisfied.
  • Consulting design for free, do not provide treating invoices.
  • Serving customers nationwide. Free shipping in Hanoi city with orders of over 1 million Vietnamese dong
in sổ tay giá rẻ tại Hà Nội


Printing notebook is one of the most popular services available today. Not only businesses, companies need print notebooks as gifts, but even the Stationary business units also regularly order prints for wholesale and retail. Understanding that, AUGROUP provided design, printing and finishing of notebooks to various customers.

san xuat so tay Vietfood đẹp
Full color notebook sample


Notebook or handbooks are quite useful and familiar things to us. We can use notes when going to school, to work every day, or display as a precious souvenir. In particular, this gift is suitable for the psychological characteristics and preferences of most recipients.


Besides, the books also have beautiful appearance, luxurious designs and show the characteristics of the business awarded through colors, logos, logo images, … so also be considered as is a smart and economical form of advertising.


In addition, the cost of printing notebooks as gifts is not too high. Compared to other types of gifts and publications, the cost to design and order notebooks is perfectly reasonable and within the ability of businesses. In other words, businesses can save significant costs by printing this small-volume handbook as a gift.



Currently, there are very few price lists on cheap notebooks on the market and those spreadsheets are often not updated yet, but only for certain types of notebooks. Recognizing those difficulties, AUGROUP has developed a system of tables that request automatic quotation printing, you can request for any material, size as well as quantity, choose printing technology … in the fastest time. We also have detailed instructions you can refer to the following 

For an overview of the price for each number of A5 notebooks, you can refer to the price list below.

(Note: The price list is for reference. To get quotation of booklet with better price, please contact AUGROUP)



– With AUGROUP you can choose the size according to your needs: A4, A5 , A6, A7, B5, B6, … But the most common are sizes A5, A6.


– Cover: Usually use 300gsm Briston paper, in addition you can use Ivory paper , Kraft paper (which is an eco-friendly paper easily recycled or biodegradable).

– Advertising page: The advertisement page should be printed with 150gsm glossy Couche paper.

– Inside: Use Bai Bang paper materials, Offset, Kraft < / p>

Printing technology:

– Offset printing technology from 01 – 04 colors depending on the design.


– The cover after printing the notebook is either glossy or matte-coated. To enhance the aesthetics, enhance the company’s image can be pressed logo, slogan, UV coated.

– In order to quickly open and write, the notebook is usually machined to the back of the neck. In addition, the back of the notebook can also be processed with a glue stick, or sewing with a glue stick at the back.



  • Customer satisfaction is our success. We are committed to providing you with a quality manual, in a right manner.
  • For products before being put into production, free color proofs will be printed until you are satisfied so you can be assured of the quality.
  • With a large factory system, modern technology lines, we can print Hanoi handbook with every quantity in the fastest time.

Responsible for the product and compensation

  • If you discover a defective product please notify us. All defective products, we will be responsible for reprinting as quickly as possible so as not to affect the progress of your work, programs, events as well as any delays that cause you to receive their goods late. I am willing to pay damages.
  • In order to provide you with the best and most reliable booklet printing service, we are committed that the above problem will not be repeated.

Many incentive programs

  • Coming to AUGROUP you will often benefit from discount programs, promotions. For more information about promotions and price lists, you can visit AUGROUP website and update it regularly.
  • Serving all customers nationwide. Free shipping for orders with a notebook of over 1 million in the city


sổ tay quà tặng đơn giản
Sample spring notebook for simple gift
in sổ tay theo yêu cầu
Simple Diamond Star notebook
mẫu sổ tay sheraton
Making a5 notebook for Kreston
mẫu sổ tay đẹp IVY
Sample beautiful but simple notebook or IVY LEAGUE
so tay qua tang cho WOW
Simple gift notebook
in sổ tay Kraft
Kraft paper notebook
công ty sản xuất sổ tay giá rẻ
Print the notebook on demand


  • One of the leading providers of reputable and high quality notebook printing services today is AUGROUP. With an advanced system of machines and a professional staff, AUGROUP is committed to bringing customers the most beautiful and quality printing products.
  • The book-printing service on demand is one of the top choices of businesses today, because the notebook is not only a meaningful gift, souvenir nature, but the printing cost is also quite reasonable. , suitable for the financial conditions of a large number of customers. If you are in need of ordering printed notebooks, you can contact the AUGROUP for advice and best support offline. AUGROUP gives you the best quality product at the best price.


sổ tay trường học THPT chuyên thái nguyên
Sample notebooks celebrating 30 high schools in Thai Nguyen
thiết kế in ấn sổ tay ngân hàng vp bank
Sample VP Bank handbook
thiết kế sổ tay thường shelton
Sample of Shelton spring notebook
in sổ tay lò xo geeke
Print notebook springs of Geeke
soổ tay cao cấp
Sample premium spring notebook
làm sổ lò xo a5 DEFI
Sample notebook of spring a5 DEFI Vietnam
đặt làm sổ tay bìa kraft
Template of brown Kraft paper notebook
sổ tay màu đen a5 RM
Sample manual spring RM
in sổ tay a4 a5 TVAD tại hà nội
Sample A4 A5 handbook of TVAD
sản xuất sổ tay AIESEC
Producing handbooks for AIESEC
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