Print technology: Industrial offset printing, 01 – 04 colors

Paper material: Main paper types are Couches paper, Ivory Duplex (200 g/m² – 300 g/m²), Kraft Viet Tri 170 g/m², Japanese Kraft (160 g/m² – 280 g/m²), US paper Arts

Size: Print multiple sizes (L x W x H)

Processing: Threading wire, pressing needle, embossing, end pressing, UV coating, …


  • Reprint paper bag products if any errors are made.
  • Commitment to quality, warranty for paper bags.
  • Free trial of color paper bags until customers are satisfied.
  • Free paper bag advice, do not treating invoice.
  • Free shipping in Hanoi city with orders of over 1 million paper bags.
in túi giấy giá rẻ tại hà nội


Surely when you are reading this article, you are looking for a unit that specializes in printing cheap, quality and reputable paper bags. You will ask the question “where is the choice of printing paper bags good and what is the reasonable price?”. This is a difficult question because there are many printing companies in Hanoi today and AUGROUP is also one of the many establishments that print cheap paper bags. When reading here, you will think: “AUGROUP is also one of the many paper bag manufacturing facilities. What is the difference for me to choose without any other unit on the market?”. Coming to AUGROUP, a product like that with cost savings is a sure thing you will receive but we do not want to stop there but we want the quality of service and the value you receive is good. Most, can meet all your special requirements.

Through this article, you will see more specifically the benefits of ordering cheap paper bag printing at AUGROUP

in tui giay dep highlandcons
Beautiful paper bag HIGHLANDCONS


Nowadays, people tend to use fast printing paper products, unlike plastic bags made from persistent artificial materials, paper bags are essentially biodegradable materials, they are very friendly. environment, safe to human health and recyclable. In addition, beautiful paper bags are considered as an effective marketing solution to help you build your image and promote your business brand through information and images designed to print on paper bags. When your products reach customers, they will become more luxurious and polite when stored in cute paper bags. Because of the above-mentioned advantages, the choice of printing paper bags has been chosen by many businesses and fashion shops.



The price of paper bag printing service is basically made up of the following factors:


Paper bag price = Paper material + Printing + Processing


With each factor of size, quality, printing techniques, processing, the cost of printing paper service will be different.


As a result, current market price lists are often inaccurate and are not regularly updated. Understanding that, the Gleap printing team has built up a detailed quotation sheet and is always updated to help customers get the most accurate quotes.


Through the price list below we hope you can make the right choice for your paper bag. Immediately contact the Printing Team at hotline: 0905 619 168 or send an inquiry via email: so we can support you the best and fastest.



To get an affordable printed paper bag product the first thing you need to identify is paper material. Currently at the printing group, paper bags are printed on a lot of rich and diverse materials. Each paper, product, and purpose of use will vary from paper to paper, and because paper will affect your price, we want you to consider carefully before making a choice.

Commonly used paper materials:

Duplex paper, Couches paper, Ivory paper: The common quantity of these three materials is 200gsm – 300gsm but the most commonly used thickness is 250gsm. These paper bag printing materials to ensure quality will be rolled out with plastic film outside.

– Duplex paper is often used to produce bags for confectionery products.

– Couches and Ivory paper suitable for most types of bags such as fashion, cosmetics, handicrafts, cake boxes, ..

– Kraft Paper: For Viet Tri Kraft paper, the commonly used quantity is 170gsm, 250gsm, while Japanese Kraft paper usually used is 160gsm, 210gsm, 280gsm. Kraft paper is very environmentally friendly, which is popular with men and women in printing paper bags for men and women fashion, paper bags for shoes, vintage paper bags, ….

Art Paper: A very high-class and luxurious paper material that is also chosen by many businesses for increasing the brand value used when printing paper bags for conference documents, printing paper gift bags, …



Paper bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your purpose, but the most common and commonly used rectangular paper bags are vertical and horizontal. In addition to highlighting the product brand, you can also choose other special shapes but the cost will be higher.

Typical rectangular paper bag sizes:


kích thước khi đặt in túi giấy
Paper bag size: Length x Width x Height
mẫu túi giấy a4
A4 paper bag size
kích thước túi ngang
Horizontal size paper bag
túi giấy kích thước a5
A5 paper bag size
kích thước túi giấy dọc
Vertical size paper bag


AUGROUP is proud to be one of the companies with high quality printing techniques in Hanoi with machinery system from Japan and Germany. One of the most modern printing technologies today is the 4-color offset printing technology, which can print on all types of paper bag materials to help the product have high ink adhesion, content is not blurred, rarely occurs. smudging, minimizing print errors. Paper bags after printing will have sharp and beautiful image quality. Not only that, offset printing technology also makes the price cheaper and can print in larger quantities.

công nghệ in túi giấy offset
4-color offset printing machine


To increase the prominence and elegance, the paper bags after printing will be processed by metal pressing, embossing, stamping, UV coating, … the next stage to create the gloss they will be processed by lamination, machining. Perforated and tied paper bag straps. Attaching the strap also depends on the material and the purpose you use.

– The umbrella is often stretched often used with lightweight paper bags, very cheap cost.

– Non-stretchy parachute cord with luster is used to carry as heavy bag.

– Torsion twisted umbrella is not very shiny, metallic luster is used more for luxury, elegant handbags, so the cost is very high.

– In addition, silk straps are also an option for high-end product bags.

– In kraft paper can also use twisted paper straps of the same color to create a more elegant.



With nearly 10 years in the field of printing, we always want to give our customers the best values that not all printing units can do. With the philosophy of Fairness – Transparency – Responsibility, you can completely trust when using our services.


  • Commit to reprinting if errors occur: Each paper bag product before and after printing is thoroughly tested. We are responsible for our products, all paper bags if defective will be reproduced.
  • Commitment to quality, lifetime warranty products
  • Free color proof printing until you are satisfied: In order to provide the best quality of service as well as the best product, not only paper bags but also any products you order will be color-printed until you satisfied before sending to mass production.
  • Free design advice, no bill difference: Our sales team is always ready to assist you with the optimal solution to help you print paper bags with the cheapest price. Our success is your satisfaction.
  • Commitment to the schedule: We always try our best every day and every hour so that you can get your products in the fastest time. If a delay occurs in the delivery process we will compensate the customer for damage.
  • Free shipping in Hanoi city with your order of paper bag of over 1 million dong.


Here is a summary of some beautiful paper bag models that NHOMIN has produced, hopefully these paper bags will be great suggestions for you to refer.



mẫu túi giấy twenty seven
Sample of twenty seven paper bags
in túi giấy olaplex
Sample olaplex paper bag
mẫu túi giấy me cosmetic
Sample of Me Cosmetic paper bags
Mẫu túi giấy workshop candles
Template for workshop candles paper bag
mẫu túi giấy matchy
Pattern of matchy paper bags
mẫu túi giấy helene
Sample helene paper bag
mẫu túi giấy giian
Giian paper bag pattern
mẫu túi giấy ford
Template for ford paper bag
in tui giấy đựng mỹ phẩm
Paper bags for cosmetic shops use ordinary parachute straps
mẫu in túi xách giấy giá rẻ của thiên lộc việt
Sample paper bags using high-end straps
in túi giấy quà tặng giá rẻ nhất hà nội cho công ty vạn xuân
Paper gift bags of Van Xuan company and Vietnam - China military hospital
địa chỉ in túi giấy krafr đựng trà ở hà nội
Sample of non-straps Kraft paper bags for tea
thiết kế in tui giây với họa tiết độc đáo cho sakuko
designed paper bags as required for Sakuko Japanese domestic supermarkets
in tui giay dep đào tạo tiếng Anh của topica ivy native
Sample of paper bag for Topica
mẫu in túi giấy giá rẻ tại hà nội dành cho shop thời trang
Paper bag template for fashion shop
Wicky high-class silk straps packaging paper form
mẫu túi giấy in 1 màu kraft
Kraft paper bag pattern
mẫu túi giấy bảo vệ môi trường trà sen an thái
Kraft paper bags use regular straps
in túi giấy cho shop quần áo leraven fashion
Sample of paper bags for clothing shop for fashion
in túi giấy kraft rẻ cho các của hàng quần áo
white kraft paper bag template


If you are in need of using cheap paper bag printing services at the Print Group to advertise your brand, your product and want to find the address to print the paper bag on request, you can contact them. I for advice and receive the most preferential quotation at the following address:

As a reputable cheap paper bag printing company in Hanoi, NHOMIN is committed to bringing the best service quality as well as the quality of paper bag products to all customers nationwide!


maẫu túi giấy của ngân hàng BIDV
Sample of BIDV bank paper bag
maẫu túi giấy đẹp đựng album ảnh cưới
Paper sample bag for wedding photo album
in túi giấy đựng quà tết 2019
Sample of Tet gift paper bags
in túi giấy đựng quần áo cho shop Lkosme
Stylish paper bag shop template
nhận in túi giấy cho công ty Vạn Xuân
Printing paper bags Van Xuan company
in tui giay dep đơn giản công ty spay Việt Nam
Beautiful paper bag template, Spay Vietnam Joint Stock Company
mẫu túi giấy chúc mừng năm mới ấn tượng
Happy new year paper bag template
mẫu tui giay in an công ty Towada Việt Nam
Paper bag model Towada Electronics Vietnam Co. Ltd.
in túi giấy mỹ thuật Tò He bắt mắt
Beautiful paper bag design template
in túi giấy kraf đẹp ann house
Sample impressive cheap paper bag
túi giấy đựng quần áo
Paper sample shop clothing shop
mẫu túi giấy đựng trang sức sang trọng
Sample beautiful paper bag containing Kelly Rings jewelry
mau thiet ke tui giay blueskye
Bluesky paper bag design template
túi giấy đựng sản phẩm trà sen thái nguyên
Paper sample bag for Thai Nguyen tea
in túi giấy đựng bánh Pía
Sample of Kraft paper bags containing Vin Foods
túi giấy hộp quà cho công ty chứng khoán hsc
Sample of paper gift bags of tphcm securities joint stock company
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