Printing technology: Industrial offset printing, 01 – 04 colors

Paper material: Bristol, Ivory, Kraft, Art …

Size: Various sizes (Length x Width x Height)

Machining: Plastic handle, needle press, embossed, embossed, UV coated, ..


  • Commit to reprint the paper box if something goes wrong.
  • Commitment to the quality and warranty of paper box products.
  • Test sample free paper box until you are satisfied.
  • Free paper box advice.
  • Free shipping in Hanoi with paper box orders over 1 million VND. </ li >
in hộp giấy tại hà nội
in hộp giấy giá rẻ
Print cheap paper box in Hanoi


"Love the product at first sight"

The quality of a product always comes first. However, to win the hearts of customers from the first seconds, the beauty of the product is extremely important. And printing cheap paper boxes in Hanoi will contribute in conquering customers by eye-catching, beautiful appearance.

The role of paper box printing

A product packed in a paper box will be better protected from outside influences: dust, smudges, etc., so that the preservation of the product will become better and more new.

Typically, there will be some necessary information on the paper box about the product, especially the brand of the manufacturer. Therefore, the more beautifully printed paper box proves the bigger the brand, the more express the class and elegance of the product.

Just by looking at the paper box, customers can identify which products of which company? This communication method is both convenient and cost-effective, but it is relatively effective in reaching potential customers.


Referring to AUGROUP is a reference to a reliable address or printing facility. Besides printing paper boxes according to customer requirements, we also help support customers in the design of designs and designs. With many unique and impressive designs, we believe that we can work closely with businesses to better reach and conquer our customers.

In addition to the enthusiastic support from the design and customer care team, we also have CLEARING COMMITMENTS to ensure the interests of our customers:

Banner chuyên dịch vụ in ấn hộp giấy


It can be said that printing paper box is one of the very diverse products in shape and texture. This shows that for each different style, box structure, quantity, material, size, color, …. will give a different price. Unlike other products on the market, each product line has only one price list, the printing industry price depends on many factors. Therefore businesses in the field of printing will be very difficult to give an accurate price list. Therefore, in order to know the exact price, you should contact the prestigious and professional printing units such as AUGROUP for the best advice. At AUGROUP we do not simply quote, we always propose the optimal cost solution to help customers get the product that suits the most economical cost.



Paper box printing at AUGROUP has a number of standards as follows:

+, Depending on the needs, customers can choose many different sizes. Or you can contact the AUGROUP, we will be ready to assist you appropriately and cost-effectively.
+, Ivory Paper: This type of paper is most commonly used on the market today due to the toughness of the paper quality. In addition, Ivory has a glossy surface like Couches paper so the color display is clearer and more beautiful.
+, Brown Kraft Paper: This type of paper is suitable for environmentally friendly products or rustic style. For this line, customers can use European brown Kraft material or Japanese brown Kraft to ensure hardness.
+, Fine Art Paper: High-class product lines will be suitable with this material to ensure the elegance of the product and to affirm the brand’s class.
AUGROUP printing factory is one of the few printing establishments in Hanoi that has the best offset and lamination printing techniques to satisfy all customers’ needs.
+ Normal paper box: Using plastic film outside to protect the color and quality of the box.
+ Paper box used to introduce and shape the product: Use more processing methods such as metal pressing, embossing, stamping, UV coating, rolling MET … to make the product more prominent.


Customers can refer to some typical models designed by AUGROUP.

If customers want more detailed advice about designs, prices, please call us directly at the hotline: 0905 619 168

Mẫu hộp An's Garden
An Garden's model box
Mẫu hộp giấy Vikopa
Template of Vikopa paper box
Mẫu hộp The Bamboo
Sample The Bamboo box
Mẫu hộp giấy Truweo
Template Truweo paper box
Mẫu hộp giấy Nice Teeth
Nice Teeth paper box template
Mẫu hộp Detox
Sample Detox box
Mẫu hộp giấy Luna
Luna paper box pattern
Mẫu hộp Collagen Cleansing
Collagen box template
Mẫu hộp giấy Mắt Nai
Template of Doe Eye paper box
Mẫu hộp giấy Mini Wood
Sample of Mini Wood paper box
Mẫu hộp Turm Eric
Print a Turm Eric paper box
in hộp giấy Hibera
Print a Hibera paper box
In hộp giấy Khang Dược Sâm
Printed sample box of pharmaceutical container
Các mẫu hộp giấy đẹp chuẩn
The sample of the standard beautiful paper box
Hộp giấy Kraft đẹp, bền
Nice, durable Kraft paper box
In hộp giấy đẹp theo yêu cầu
Print beautiful paper boxes on demand
In hộp giấy theo chất liệu giấy Kraft
Print paper box in Kraft paper material
In hộp giấy hạt điều rang muối
Print a sample box for cashew nuts
Mẫu hộp giấy tinh bột nghệ vàng
Pattern printed box containing turmeric starch
Kiểu dáng đặc trưng của hộp giấy ăn
Characteristic style of the tissue box
Kiểu dáng đa dạng của hộp giấy
Diverse designs of paper boxes
Mẫu hộp giấy đẹp, cổ điển
Template for designing beautiful and classic paper boxes
Mẫu hộp giấy thuốc giảm cân
Design template of medicine box for weight loss
Thiết kế hộp giấy bắt mắt
Eye-catching paper box design
Thiết kế hộp giấy đơn giản, đẹp
Simple, beautiful box design
Thiết kế hộp giấy lạ, dễ thu hút
Design strange paper box, easy to attract


If you have any questions about our products or services, please contact us immediately to receive the best support.

We guarantee to please you to the smallest detail!



Hộp giấy chuẩn sản phẩm thuốc
Standard paper box of medicine products
Hộp giấy mẫu đựng bóng đèn
Sample box of light bulbs
In hộp giấy đẹp, bền màu
Beautiful paper box template, durable color
In hộp giấy đẹp, giá rẻ
Beautiful paper box model, cheap
In hộp giấy giá rẻ Hà Nội
Pattern of tea paper box
In hộp giấy mỹ phẩm đẹp
Beautiful cosmetic paper box template
In hộp giấy uy tín, chất lượng
Sample of functional food box
Mẫu hộp giấy được phổ biến
Template for traditional medicine paper box
mẫu hộp giấy Bona
Sample of Bona paper box
In hộp giấy viên bổ mắt
Mẫu hộp giấy viên bổ mắt
Mẫu hộp giấy mỹ phẩm
Mẫu hộp giấy mỹ phẩm
Thiết kế hộp giấy ấn tượng
Thiết kế hộp giấy ấn tượng
Thiết kế hộp giấy chuẩn
Thiết kế hộp giấy chuẩn
Thiết kế hộp giấy sữa Vinamilk
Design of Vinamilk milk paper box
Thiết kế mẫu hộp giấy độc đáo, ấn tượng
Designing unique and impressive paper box designs
Thiết kế mẫu hộp giấy sáng tạo
Creative paper box template design
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