Printing technology:  Industrial offset printing, 01 – 04 colors

Paper materials:  Couche , cardboard, cardboard, Simili leather …

Size: A4, A5, 20x20cm … 

Processing: Plastic rolling, pressing, embossing, …


  • Commit to reprint the yearbook if the error is wrong.
  • Commitment to quality, warranty of yearbook products. 
  • Free proof color yearbook printing until you are satisfied.
  • Consultancy for selecting yearbooks for free.
  • Free shipping in Hanoi city with orders of over 1 million dong.


Yearbook is a picture book, capturing memorable moments, memories of a collective throughout a process. Proceedings help to record the meaningful activities of people and show the culture of the organization. 

The yearbook is an indispensable part for students and senior students. And most of the people appreciate it and invest it in this yearbook. In the era of technology 4.0, with the development of digital data, image storage, online information and technology devices have become easier and more popular than ever. However, yearbook printing is still favored because of the meaning it gives. In printed yearbooks, in addition to photographs, the owner can write in words, moods, memories. 

Not only students but also yearbooks are also used to make notes on the anniversary of the establishment of a school, company or organization.

mẫu kỷ yếu chất lượng tại Hà Nội
Sample of quality yearbook in Hanoi


Because of the importance and meaning that yearbooks bring, it is very important to find places that are reputable to trust in the yearbook. The printing team prides itself on being a professional printing unit, and deserves the trust of its customers. Come to the AUGROUP, customers will experience the best quality printing and consulting services. We are proud to be a part of your memories.

Print design yearbook with each object

Each yearbook has a unique design idea, featuring the implementation unit. With the senior yearbook of students, the design is often quite creative, showing the mischief of the student age, containing the emotions of innocent friends and teachers. As for the yearbooks on the anniversary of the founding of the school is a bit nostalgic, proud of the history. 

For the brochures of companies and businesses, usually professional, clear about the business results have been. Those are the factors that need special attention when designing yearbook.

Print yearbook on what material?

As a photo book, the most suitable paper for yearbooks is couches. With glossy surface, will help print images sharper and brighter. 

In addition, customers can also choose other materials depending on their preferences. AUGROUP will assist to help customers choose the best type of paper.

Printing techniques

To produce the highest quality printing products, AUGROUP  currently uses Laser and Offset printing technology. 

4-color laser printing technology is suitable for customers who order a small quantity, with low cost, standard color according to the design. For customers who order large quantities, the Print Group will advise customers on Offset printing technology, with Japanese 4-color Mitshubishi industrial machine line system.

The importance of the processing operation

The yearbook keeps the memories, so the processing after printing helps increase the ability to preserve and avoid damage is very important. 

Closing the book is an indispensable stage. Proceedings can apply processing techniques such as nape springs, glue binding, sewing thread – glue binding … The cover of the yearbook will usually be rolled with a glossy or translucent film, just to help increase the aesthetic value. , both help preserve better. 

The technique of pressing, stamping or embossing is also used quite commonly, to create accents and elegance for yearbooks.


The following is a detailed quotation of yearbook printing service at AUGROUP. Customers can easily request up to the cost of yearbook according to instructions.

The quality assurance of AUGROUP


With the characteristics and messages as mentioned above, AUGROUP introduces to you some typical designs:

mẫu kỷ yếu đẹp
Sample yearbook of Political University class
mẫu kỷ yếu công ty cấp nước
Yearbook of Saigon Water Supply Company
In kỷ yếu thành lập trường
Print the record of 50 years of school establishment
Mẫu kỷ yếu đẹp sinh viên khóa D18 Học Viện Cảnh Sát Nhân Dân
A sample yearbook for students of the D18 Academy of People's Police Academy - Ministry of Public Security
Mẫu kỷ yếu Đại Học Luật Hà Nội
Yearbook of Hanoi Law University



thiết kế kỷ yếu thành lập trường
Design of school yearbook
Mẫu kỷ yếu độc đáo
Unique yearbook template
In kỷ yếu đẹp giá rẻ
Sample yearbook student study course
in kỷ yếu chuyên nghiệp uy tín
Print reputable professional yearbook
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