Printing technology:  offset printing technology, laser printing, 01 – 04 colors

Paper materials:  Couche , Offset, Ivory, Fine Arts …

Size: Depending on customer needs, … 

Processing: Slitting, corner, plastic rolling, pressing, UV coating, ..


  • Commit to reprint vouchers and points if there’s an error.
  • Commitment to quality, warranty of voucher products, loyalty cards. 
  • Test sample voucher, free point card until you are satisfied.
  • Consulting vouchers, free points cards.
  • Quick delivery time from 1-3 days.
  • Free shipping in Hanoi city with voucher order and points card of over VND 1 million.


Vouchers, also known as promotional gift cards, gift certificates, are issued by vendors. When owning a voucher, customers can buy goods or services with that voucher according to the promotional value on the voucher. Today, in the retail sector, vouchers are heavily used to promote business. However, many stores that want to print vouchers in small quantities often do not know where to print? Which units print cheap vouchers with good quality?

In voucher đẹp giá rẻ
Print beautiful cheap vouchers


AUGROUP is a professional printing unit, providing almost all printing services including printing vouchers, gift certificates, discount cards, … With experience and available technology, AUGROUP meets All needs to print vouchers with prices are always public, quality assurance. At the same time, we provide customers with a free consultation service on the design, size and material of the voucher

1. Value of Voucher in business

Voucher makes your business more fluent. Each voucher is a gratitude from the seller to his customers. Moreover, on each voucher is your brand image.

2. Voucher design

As mentioned above, vouchers somewhat reflect your brand value. Therefore, design is an important stage when deciding to order prints. Regular vouchers will have your brand logo. Along with that, is the promotion value of the Voucher. Many shops and brands want to send a message of gratitude to customers through vouchers. 

At AUGROUP, we provide you with design consulting services, giving you professional vouchers, making the most of the benefits of vouchers.

3. Material of voucher printing paper

The most recommended material for voucher printing is couches, as this material has high ink permeability, is suitable for offset printing technology, is cheap, has a lot of design choices. Not only that, couches are coated with kaolin to help the glossy surface, the color printed on the voucher is bright. 

If you want truly luxurious, high-end and sophisticated vouchers, fine art paper is the first choice. 

When using the services at AUGROUP, we will advise you to choose the material as well as the quantity of paper suitable for each of your promotions.

4. Voucher size

Usually, vouchers are usually printed in rectangular form with different sizes. With loyalty cards, promotions for loyal customers, the appropriate size is usually the ATM card size, to help customers easily store and carry with them. As for discount vouchers for special promotions, usually the larger, thinner rectangular vouchers both help reduce costs and impress customers.

Kích thước voucher
Voucher size

5. Voucher printing technique

With different quantity needs, customers will be consulted by an appropriate printing technology to optimize cost. With a small number, and want to print a voucher immediately, laser printing is preferable. And offset printing technology is suitable for bulk orders. Vouchers will usually be printed in 4 colors, depending on the design, customers can also choose to print 1, 2 or 3 colors. To increase the luxury, create a highlight for your voucher, customers can refer to the techniques of stamping, pressing gold, silver with their logo.


In order to make it easier to learn and refer, AUGROUP would like to send customers a detailed quotation of voucher printing service, loyalty card, coupon …

In addition we also have price lists refer to some popular voucher templates today:


AUGROUP always wants to bring customers the best service. AUGROUP is committed to product quality:


Here are some typical vouchers that customers have ordered in AUGROUP:

In voucher ăn trưa
Print lunch voucher
Voucher đơn giản sang trọng
Simple and luxurious Voucher Kraft paper
Thiết kế voucher ấn tượng
Impressive voucher design
Thiết kế thẻ khuyến mại đen trắng
Black and white promotional card design
Thẻ voucher ô tô Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz car voucher card
Phiếu khuyến mại spa
Spa promotion coupons
Phiếu giảm giá làm đẹp thu hút
Attractive beauty coupons
Phiếu giảm giá đồ uống bắt mắt
Eye-catching drinks coupons
Phiếu giảm giá đồ ăn sinh động
Vivid food coupons
Mẫu voucher nhà hàng Lẩu phố
Sample voucher of Hot Pot restaurant
Mẫu voucher làm đẹp spa
Spa beauty voucher template
Mẫu voucher khổ dọc
Vertical voucher template
Hình ảnh voucher chuẩn
Vertical voucher template
Gift voucher nhã nhặn
Elegant gift voucher



Voucher giảm giá dịch vụ spa
Discount Voucher spa services
Thiết kế voucher tiêu biểu
Typical voucher design
Thiết kế voucher độc đáo
Unique voucher design
thiết kế gift voucher ăn uống
Designing gift vouchers for eating and drinking
Thẻ voucher nhà hàng
Restaurant voucher card
Thẻ quà tặng sản phẩm làm đẹp
Beauty product gift card
Phiếu khuyến mãi tập gym
Gym promotion voucher
Phiếu giảm giá mua sắm
Shopping coupons
Phiếu giảm giá đồ ăn
Food coupons
Mẫu voucher tiêu chuẩn
Standard voucher template
Mẫu voucher đẹp mắt
Beautiful voucher template
Mẫu voucher ấn tượng của Bitis
An impressive voucher template for Bitis
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