The best Print Wall & Calendar Calendar templates in 2020

Mẫu In Lịch Tết phôi sẵn ấn tượng 2020

 By printing, we make the photos come true and close. Decorating your living space and working with a calendar is also natural. While working, my heart relaxed in the beautiful scenery. Fill up the energy and enjoy it in my daily life (Bee – AUGROUP).

 Why should you own a calendar for yourself?

 You were given a suitable desk at work and you didn’t have time to decorate it? Are you okay because that’s what we think is bad. Look – You are ambitious, you are passionate about your work and you want to continue in the game with great projects but you still feel something is missing. Have you ever wondered what it could be? One of the main reasons is that an individual who does not feel enough energy to work is where they are working. And we believe having a desk that welcomes you with happy and positive vibes is what you need and deserve.

 There are many ways to decorate and maintain your desk and surroundings for that matter and to be honest when we’re not at work. We’re always busy with instructions on how to turn our workplace into the place we want to go to, sit and work. We think boring and boring desks and walls do nothing but emit sad vibes and people working in that area don’t feel energetic enough to work – especially when they can’t. find the reason.


Trang trí bàn làm việc nơi công sở
Decorate the desk in the office

 One of the most important things every professional has to have either on their desk or on the wall of their room, the sitting area is a wall calendar or a desktop calendar. Imagine you can not keep track of meetings, presentations, etc. Because, you do not have a reminder set on your phone and also because you do not mark the date on your calendar.

 If you are a manager, do you think giving each employee and their family, partners and customers beautiful New Year calendars is what helps them to have more energy for their work, increase productivity and work efficiency. It is also what helps the employees more love and be proud of their company. Especially effective in promoting the company’s brand and products to people in all parts of the country.

 To help you save yourself from embarrassment, it is easy for administrators to choose the economical and personalized imprint schedules. The AUGROUP team has created a collection of more than 20 of the latest impressive collections of wall calendars and impressive desks for 2020. They are all interestingly beautiful and I think you will love them with the just like: Nature, country, people, landscapes , etc. But before we share samples with you, we’d love to share why we almost force you to have books Beautiful calendar for your desk or for one of your favorite walls! The reason why companies should give Tet holiday to their employees, customers and partners.

 First and foremost, having a special calendar that prints desktops makes you more productive. You can manage your time and plan your important things accordingly. You can prioritize your projects and tasks. And this can save you a lot of money and time as you won’t need to hire another resource to maintain your daily to-do list.

 You can also mention the time you are expected to call an internal meeting or you can call one of your customers to track the bill. For example: We do it exactly by using sticky notes. We just wrote a small note about who will call, when to make that call and paste it into the date box. It also works as a cute little reminder to get things done in a more organized way.


Lịch để bàn giúp quản lý thông tin tốt hơn
Desktop calendars for better information management

 This is interesting if you are one of the people who checks all task boxes before leaving the table the next day. Calendar also helps you get things done. So when you make that call, meet your future partners, you can also simply remove that sticky note.

 Having a calendar helps you prepare for all the to-do things in a day. In addition, having professional and personal commitments highlighted or highlighted in one place will give you the opportunity to quickly analyze if one of the to-do jobs conflicts with another and you can immediately revise your schedule before that time comes or notify others, etc. Don’t we all need that in our lives?

 If you are an administrator, do you think of any methods to help you access customers, encourage your employees 8 hours a day, 365 days a year with only a few thousand or tens of thousands of dong?

  Now let the In AUGROUP Team share some calendar collections from our carefully crafted collection!

Sample calendar best preformed 2020 wall

 Keep track of the calendar templates that In AUGROUP has selected and let us know which calendar template has brought you the most impressive and interesting offline.

 You can refer to many of our other pre-existing calendar templates here .

Mẫu lịch treo tường phôi sẵn ấn tượng 2020 -Duyên dáng Việt Nam
Sample wall calendar in 2020
Mẫu lịch phôi sẵn ấn tượng 2020 - Duyên Việt
Sample Vietnamese Tet holiday 2020
những điểm đến ấn tượng thế giới
Sample wall calendar - The impressive destination in the world
Mẫu lịch đẹp treo tường phôi sẵn 2020 - Những điểm đến ấn tượng Việt Nam
Template for desktop calendar in 2020
Mẫu lịch treo tường phôi sẵn 2020 - Sắc màu Việt Nam
Calendar template with colorful Vietnamese calendar
Mẫu lịch treo tường đẹp phôi sẵn 2020 - Sen đỏ
Calendar template for Tet holiday available 2020 Red Lotus
Mẫu lịch treo tường đẹp phôi sẵn 2020 - Sen thổ cẩm
Tet calendar template available pre-brocade Sen
Mẫu lịch treo tường phôi sẵn đẹp 2020 - Vẻ đẹp Nhật Bản
Calendar calendar of Japanese beauty
Mẫu lịch treo tường phôi sẵn đẹp 2020 - Việt Nam quê hương tôi
Samples of Tet calendar available in my native Vietnam
Mẫu lịch treo tường phôi sẵn đẹp 2020 - Việt Nam trên đường phát triển
Samples of Vietnamese Tet calendar available on the way of development

Samples of beautiful preformed desktops 2020

 Desktop calendars are a type of calendar that are particularly interested in office people because they are compact and very convenient: can track the date, and to decorate and record important events or notes. Please choose your favorite calendar to send to your family, partners, customers and relatives.

 See more of our other models here .

Mẫu lịch để bàn 2020
Calendar template for New Year 2020 - Green environment is ours
Mẫu lịch để bàn phôi sẵn ấn tượng 2020- Duyên dáng Việt Nam
Sample preform 2020 calendar
Mẫu lịch để bàn phôi sẵn đẹp 2020 - Phong cảnh 3 miền
Sample preform calendar available - 3 domain style
Mẫu lịch để bàn phôi sẵn đẹp 2020 - Thế giới tuyệt vời
New year calendar template available pre-fabulous world

Our exclusive New Year calendar printing service

 In addition, you absolutely can choose to own yourself an exclusive design with your photos. And you completely assured, if you do not know how to design your calendar. Contact the AUGROUP Team, experienced senior staff will advise you on the appropriate schedule. And the designers in the design suite will help you get the calendar you want – exclusive and not duplicated.

The wall calendar allows you to use large pictures

 A wall calendar allows you to use your favorite photos. A simple design that harmonizes with any room enhances the presence of photography. The flip style will change the impression of the room every time the image changes, so you can enjoy it as a handy interior. Calendars are available in a variety of styles and sizes, either 1 sheet, 5 sheets, or 7 sheets.

Desk calendar - Where you can enjoy photos on hand

 Desktop calendars can be placed anywhere, including the living room, entrance, bedroom and desk. You can get it right away so you can look back at your favorite photos whenever you want. Because it comes with a ring and ring-mounted photobook, you can easily store it as an album after a year.

Shape the image when you see it and feel it

 We fully believe in the quality of our photos. If you really get it, you will be pleased with its beauty. Modern Offset Printing technology keeps the color and brightness of the image close to what people see and feel.

The secret for nearly a decade in the printing industry

 With our long experience in the industry, we understand that the quality of paper, the authenticity of colors, and the sharpness of images are important factors that create value products for customers. That’s why the Print Team attaches great importance to designing and printing customer samples that are carefully printed in our internal printing room until customers are satisfied and interested in their products.

A gift to the world

 Exclusive design photo calendar you would recommend as gifts to parents, partners and friends. It is an item that allows you to share important memories and deepen relationships with family and friends, customers, partners and employees. Customize your opinion for a special look. Why not create a unique calendar to bring smiles to those who give it, who gave it and who gave it? 


Currently we have many promotions for the production of Tet calendar 2020. Contact us now via:

Hotline: 0905 619 168

Address: 61 Ngu Nhu Kon Tum, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Email:  info@augroup.vn

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